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Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

I love giving students the one-on-one attention that they so rarely get in school.  Having a distraction-free and a judgement-free environment to ask questions and work out practice problems can make a big difference, with both depth of understanding and confidence.  Having a set day and time each week that your student can count on to get the help he/she needs can alleviate stress for him/her (and sometimes for the whole family!)

As you may recall from being a student yourself, science and math tend to build on themselves.  In other words, much of the new material depends on mastery of previously learned skills.  If any of those skills are in need of repair, it can make the new material much more difficult to master.  This is another reason why one-on-one attention is so valuable.  When a skill “gap” is identified while working through homework or studying for an assessment, we can pause and review the skill before continuing.  Often in a class setting, there is little time to do this.  Filling the gaps as they are discovered enables the student to succeed at a higher level than would have otherwise been possible, thus expanding horizons for the future!