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“Jess’s positive attitude and ability to explain things in ways that my teachers couldn’t allowed me to become more confident in math and physics and helped me look forward to tackling difficult homework problems.”  – Hadley

“Jess Browne takes learning to another level. She broke down each new subject into tiny bits and pieces so that I could understand the material. With her guidance, I went from an F to an A in several short weeks. She transformed me from a girl who loathed math to one who now understands and is excited by its application(s).”  – McKenna


“Jess has been a fantastic tutor for my children.  Her teaching style is kind and supportive, giving all of my children the confidence they need to do well and to try, and to make mistakes.  She has been a wonderful role model for my eldest daughter and her encouragement helped give her the confidence she needed to pursue a degree in Physics. She has also been flexible and able to work around other school obligations when needed.”  – Heather

“Jess has worked with my daughter for two years. In that time my daughter’s mathematical confidence and competence have dramatically increased. She has been able to relearn and master missing or weak (prior) skills, do well with ongoing lessons and looks forward to her SAT scores, as they also prepped for this. Jess communicates well and demonstrates integrity throughout her tutoring; she is professional, personal and dependable and has re-engaged a child who had basically given up. She has had exponential positive impact (beyond math) and I recommend her with utter sincerity.”  – Drew

“When my daughter was in middle school, she was bored. When my daughter started working with Jessica Browne, she was immediately engaged in learning again. Jess demonstrated an unusual knack for both supporting and challenging my daughter, and I could tell they both enjoyed it by the laughter I heard as they worked together. Jess helped my daughter complete algebra work for school, she helped her prepare for standardized tests, and she helped her with the boarding school application process. Not only did my daughter love working with Jess, but she also scored in the top 10% for quantitative reasoning on the SSAT, and she earned highest honors in high school math.  I will always be grateful to Jess for having revived my daughter’s love of learning and for having prepared her to be successful in high school math.”  – Stephanie