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Types of 1-on-1 Sessions

The Weekly Lift

When simply attending class isn’t enough- come in for a Weekly Lift once or twice a week!  Maybe the class moves too fast, the tests are really hard… Whatever the reason may be, come get a Lift to:

  • Get homework done right the first time, while clarifying concepts from class as we go
  • Gain insight about how what you are learning applies to the world
  • Prepare for quizzes and tests
  • Get extra practice problems & worksheets, tailored for you!

The Power Lift

When the dreaded standardized test lurks in your future – the Power Lift is for you!  Whether it be the SATs, the ACTs, the APs, etc., come learn how to do your best on test day.  During Power Lift sessions, we will:

  • Establish a benchmark several weeks before test day
  • Have mini-lessons and do targeted practice in areas of most need
  • Discuss test-taking strategy
  • Take practice tests to track progress toward goal

The Lift Lab

For students who enjoy math and science and want more of it, the Lift Lab is for you!  Maybe you want to challenge yourself with critical thinking problems, or maybe you want to explore additional topics in math and science.  Come to the Lift Lab to:

  • Do fun math and science problems and projects
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Explore careers in math, science, engineering, and technology
  • Get a head start on next year

***Due to the “free-form” nature of the Lift Lab sessions, additional hours for prep time outside of the sessions may be billed at a rate of $20/hr, depending on the student’s individualized program.

The Summer Lift

For students that struggled during the school year and are feeling somewhat unprepared for next year, come get your Summer Lift!  Regain your confidence and start next year without fear!  Over the summer, we will:

  • Identify “gaps” in content knowledge via diagnostic testing
  • Review and practice topics that need refreshing
  • Realize you are actually better at this stuff than you thought!